Transport international : Medico-Pharmaceutical
avec Abid Cars & Logistics

Abidlogistics provides a full range of logistics services necessary for the transport of medicines as well as the transport of medical equipment and medical products. the transport is carried out according to the standards of good distribution practices and in accordance with international law, and regulations governing the transport of medicinal products. Our company transports sensitive medico-pharmaceutical products throughout Morocco, Europe and West Africa by truck. Abidlogistics experts guarantee the best transport route, the right packaging, and the optimum temperature for the preservation of product quality. Proper packaging is essential to ensure that sensitive products reach their destination intact. Our experts offer you product protection solutions such as pure transport protection, passive boxes, and containers with dry ice. To ensure perfect control of the condition of the transported product, data loggers are used to plotting the temperature profile throughout the journey. To deal with the current COVID-19 pandemic, we can also offer temporary transport to areas where the needs are greatest.