Transport international : Automobile industry
avec Abid Cars & Logistics

The automotive industry is a sector in the process of globalization with many brands in many countries. This growing sector is characterized by strong competition, in this competitive context, logistics holds a prominent place at all levels. From construction to production to production. Typically, manufacturers rely on suppliers of components and spare parts needed by the automotive industry. As a result, parts suppliers are forced to respond to market demands just-in-time. Again, logistics is a pillar in this case for supplying factories to manufacturers respecting the importance of the time factor. Finally, the final phase of this production chain, the distribution of the finished product. The latter must be transported to end customers just-in-time as planned. Abid Logistics guarantees you to be with you upstream and downstream of your production chain. With a lot of experience in the field of logistics, we assure you that your product is in good hands after yours. Our professional staff follow a rigorous, careful, and strict process in loading, unloading, and transporting the product. Regular checks are carried out during the process to ensure optimized product logistics within your factories and your sales networks or those of your customers.