Transport international : Textile and Fashion
avec Abid Cars & Logistics

AbidLogistics offers fashion and textile professionals its experience in the transport of delicate products. We take into consideration the requirements of fashion professionals and the delicacy of the products, then we guarantee you an efficient procedure for the preservation of your products and their quality. AbidLogistics respects the requirements and needs of companies and customers during loading and unloading. We have also adopted suitable storage and installation techniques for textile products such as branch baskets, shelves and others. Quality and quantity controls are systematically carried out to ensure that products are transported in compliance with safety standards and rules. If you wish, we can deliver the cargoes to one of your plants or unload them directly in your stores, while of course respecting the safety rules during unloading. To further guarantee the safety and quality of your products during their transportation, we provide you with vehicles that are perfectly equipped and suitable for transporting textiles. In addition, AbidLogistics drivers are pros trained to drive and deliver all kinds of cargo safely without damage or delays.