Transport international : agro-food
avec Abid Cars & Logistics

Since 1996, we have accumulated a great experience in the field of transport and logistics. Every day, on behalf of our customers, we transport loads of all kinds of products. For food products, we have taken into account the fact that places of production are often very far from places of distribution or consumption. So we, the Abid Logistics team, have adopted several requirements in the process of transporting food and commodities. Whatever the circuit, the transport of food products is done under a logistics chain strictly in accordance with norms and standards. To preserve the quality of the product transported, knowing that the lifespan of food products is shorter or shorter compared to other goods, we ensure the protection of these products during loading and unloading. We also provide, with our well-equipped vehicles, an adequate temperature for each shipment. In addition to the above, our professional staff carry out regular checks throughout the journey to ensure that these requirements are applied.